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When writing fic, I will note if my fic includes the following: dub-con/non-con, abusive relationships (including child abuse), severe and graphic violence (toward people or animals), hardcore kink, sex involving characters under the age of 18, and the death of a main canon character if said death did not occur in canon. I do not guarantee that I will warn for anything else.

I do not write fic involving eating disorders, incest, or self-injury (other than of the heroically self-sacrificing variety, which does not get warned for).

If I think warnings will spoil the story, the warnings will go in spoiler text. Otherwise, they'll be in plain text.

I am happy to answer specific questions about what a particular story does or does not contain. My email address is on my profile page, or you can PM me.

With all that said, most of my fic doesn't require the warnings listed above. I don't write a lot of light and fluffy stories, but I also don't write a lot of very dark stories. Most of my stories are a) stories focusing on imperfect but non-abusive romantic relationships between characters; or b) gen action stories that sometimes include violent scenes, but without graphic discussion of injuries--nothing you wouldn't see on the relevant show. I do not warn for fight scenes or passing mentions of pain and violence unless they occur in the context of an abusive relationship. I also do not warn for relationship issues like break-ups or infidelity.


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