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[Sticky] Fanfic Index

Agent Carter
Battlestar Galactica
Being Human (US/Canada)
Covert Affairs
Due South
Earth: Final Conflict
Forever Knight
The Mentalist
Sleepy Hollow
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Crossovers
Other Crossovers

Agent Carter

One Shot Stories

In the Dark I Wait - Peggy and Daniel get some quality time together courtesy of another Howard Stark invention. (Peggy/Daniel, PG-13, 7870 words)

Battlestar Galactica

One Shot Stories

After the End of the World - It's not that she expected him to spend the rest of his life alone, pining for her while she built a life with Sam. It's just that Dee is so...nice. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Kara/Sam, Kara/Lee, Lee/Dee, PG-13, 300 words)

Gifts (A03) - Sam gives Kara a surprise birthday gift. Written for Porn Battle X for the prompts "sharing" and "reluctance." (Kara/Sam/Lee, NC-17, 1780 words)

Good Intentions - Romo has a conversation with Lieutenant Dualla about her husband. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Gen, Pg-13, 920 words)

In the Shadow of the Invaders - Romo is interrogated by Cavil on New Caprica. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Gen, PG-13, 1000 words)

Je me souviens - The first time Six remembers feeling the rain is on Caprica. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Caprica/Gaius, PG-13, 300 words)

Shifting Ground - After her return to Galactica, it takes Kara a while to notice that things have changed between Sam and Lee. Written for [ profile] bsgficexchange. (Kara/Sam, Sam/Lee, Kara/Lee, NC-17, 2700 words) Remixed as Angels Would Fall by [ profile] lls_mutant.

BSG Crossovers

[Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis] Grasslands - Following a mysterious storm, the Fleet finds itself above an apparently inhabited planet. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Gen, PG-13, ~1000 words)

Being Human (US/Canada)

One Shot Stories

Ghosts in the Corridors - Sally decides to get to know Nora a little better by hanging out at the hospital. Written for [ profile] rarewomen 2013. (Gen, PG-13, 3733 words)

A Grey Trail - Aidan knew the blonde was trouble the moment she walked into his office. Noir Detective AU. (Nora/Josh, PG-13, 1469 words)

Scenes from a Supernatural Life - Six characters, six drabbles. (Nora/Josh, Aidan/Kat, PG-13, 600 words)

Walking Blind - Kat tries to come to terms with a discovery. (Aidan/Kat, PG-13, 525 words)

Being Human Crossovers

[Being Human US/Criminal Minds] The Hollow of the Sky - Emily misses the sun. (Gen, PG-13, 1457 words)


One Shot Stories

Tidings of Comfort and Joy - Christmas, with all the complications one expects around Bo. Written for [community profile] yuletide_admin 2014. (Gen, PG, 2745 words)

Covert Affairs

One Shot Stories

Roll of the Dice - Joan learned a lot from Lena back in Nairobi. Written for [ profile] yuletide_admin 2012. (Joan Campbell/Lena Smith, PG-13, 3472 words)

Due South

One Shot Stories

Girls' Night out - Frannie and Maggie go out for drinks while Maggie is in town to testify against her husband's killers. Written for [ profile] ds_ssdiscussion 2012. (Gen, PG-13, 3800 words)

Earth: Final Conflict

One Shot Stories

And All the Stars Aligned - Liam contemplates the future. (Gen, PG-13, 1945 words)

Fun and Games - Zo'or gets a lesson in humility. (Gen, PG-13, 7950 words)

Fun and Games: Battleship Vignette - Crack. Pure crack. (Gen, PG-13, 945 words)

On the Wings of a Butterfly - Liam and Augur take another trip to an alternate dimension, but this one proves a little closer to home. WIP (Gen, PG-13, 32 655 words)

Through the Spaces of the Dark - All Companion Protectors have secrets. (Gen, PG-13, 2755 words)


One Shot Stories

And the River Runs On (Gen, PG-13, 2481 words) - Abe watches Jo come to terms with Henry's secret.

Forever Knight

One Shot Stories

The Affirmation of Self - Moving on is an inevitable part of every vampire's life. Written for [ profile] fkficfest. (Gen, PG-13, 1780 words)

Backwards and in Corsets - A little bit of time travel. Written for [ profile] fkficfest. (Natalie/Janette, PG, 100 words)

Beneath the Surface - Nick and Schanke investigate the murder of a young environmental engineer. Written for [ profile] fkficfest. (Gen, PG-13, ~7800 words)

By Light of Day - Nick tries a new cure, but things don't work out quite the way he'd hoped. Written for [community profile] fkficfest 2013. (Nick/Janette, PG-13, 4192 words)

Long Ago and Far Away - Nick seeks shelter with an adult Lisa Cooper. Written as a door prize for [ profile] fkficfest. (Gen, PG, 100 words)

Midnight Shakes the Memory - Myra's always known that one day the doorbell might ring. Written for [ profile] rarewomen. Features canon major character death. (Myra/Don, PG-13, 2046 words)

One Pin Short (Gen, PG-13, 3085 words) - Schanke talks a reluctant Nick into a night of bowling.

We All Fall Down - Vachon can barely stand. Written as a door prize for [ profile] fkficfest. (Nick/Vachon, PG-13, 100 words.)


One Shot Stories

Through a Glass, Brightly - It takes Olivia time to adjust to the changes in her life. Set in an AU of season four. Written for [ profile] shipswap. (Alt!Olivia/Alt!Lincoln, PG-13, 2515 words)


One Shot Stories

Collapse - Watching the world burn. (Gen, PG-13, 730 words.) Warning for major character death.

Gone to Ground - Hardboiled detective AU. (Gen, PG-13, 1624 words)

In the Balance - Jameson takes Dr. Cassidy home after his rescue from Jin Cong. (Gen, PG-13, 1079 words)

The Long Road - Riley, Gabriel, and zombies. (Gen, PG-13, ~900 words)

More - Riley was fifteen when she killed her mother's boyfriend. (Gen, PG-13, ~1100 words)

Partners - Riley has a funeral to attend. (Riley Neal & Gabriel Vaughn, PG-13, 673 words)

Seeking Cover - Riley deals with realizations about her feelings for Gabriel while the two of them follow a new lead on the Flood, brought to them by Gabriel's sister. (Riley Neal/Gabriel Vaughn, PG-13, 6487 words)

Volunteers - Gabriel wasn't the first. (Shen Cassidy & Lillian Strand, PG-13, 688 words)


One Shot Stories

A Thousand Small Regrets, Ended (Gen, PG-13, 5833 words) - Rachel collides with a piece of her past when she and Tim take part in an operation to protect her ex.

Bright as a Kentucky spring - Rachel celebrates the end of her marriage, after a fashion. (Rachel Brooks/Tim Gutterson, PG-13, 1949 words)


One Shot Stories

Dust Motes - Charlie contemplates his relationship with his father. (Gen, PG, 600 words)

The Mentalist

One Shot Stories

Four Perspectives on Patrick Jane - Thoughts from the team. Written for [ profile] fandom_stocking. (Mostly gen with a bit of unrequited Jane/Cho and a mention of Rigsby/Van Pelt, PG-13, ~1300 words)

From the Outside, Looking In - Sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes they go very wrong. Remix of Remember by kathiann. Warning for major character death. (Gen, PG-13, 1236 words)

In a Yellow Wood - The CBI is called in to investigate when a young graduate student is murdered. Written for [ profile] yuletide. (Gen, PG-13, ~5000 words)

One of These Mornings - Walter's still not sure why Patrick keeps coming back. Written for [ profile] rarepairfest. (Jane/Mashburn, PG-13, 1800 words)

Watching and Waiting - Jane and Cho go undercover to investigate a black market adoption scheme. (Jane/Cho, PG-13, 2908 words)

Sleepy Hollow

One Shot Stories

Ahead Through This Harsh Wilderness - Trapped in purgatory, Katrina watches and waits. Written for [ profile] yuletide 2013. (Katrina/Ichabod, PG-13, 2655 words)

Not Long Hidden - Jenny knows that the truth matters. (Gen, PG-13, 584 words)

Stargate Atlantis

One Shot Stories

And My Kingdom Bounded by Stones - What if John's team couldn't save him from people who want him for his genes? Written for the [ profile] lostcityfound 2008 Fic Battle. (Gen, PG, 1200 words)

Enthusiasm Can Get You Killed - There are some advantages to having the ATA gene in the Pegasus Galaxy, particularly when dealing with people whose knowledge of history is a bit confused. Written for the [ profile] lostcityfound 2008 Fic Battle. (Gen, PG, 1100 words)

In Friendship's Name - John and Ronon provide back-up for Teyla on a rescue mission gone wrong. (Gen, PG-13, ~3100 words)

In Knowledge Abide - While visiting Earth, Sheppard's team is sent to investigate a serial killer who seems to be targeting people with the ATA gene. Written for the 2008 [ profile] xfileyourfandom challenge. (Gen, PG, ~7100 words)

Nightmares - Kate turns to John for comfort after an off-world incident. Written for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings 2008 Fic Battle. (Kate/John, PG-13, ~1200 words) Remixed as Scar Tissue (the Heal Thyself Remix) by [personal profile] medie

On the Last Night - PWP set during "The Return." Written for the 2009 One-Night Stand challenge. (Teyla/John, NC-17, ~2300 words)

The Salt Sea - Atlantis can be suffocating for a mage. Magic AU written for [community profile] tagyourit. (Gen, PG, 2456 words)

Scheherazade in Pegasus: A Quantum Fairy Tale - John spins tales for a young queen in an attempt to postpone his execution. Written for the [community profile] sga_flashfic Fairy Tale challenge. (John/multiple choice, PG, 4560 words)

Five Things

Five Secrets People Told Ronon (Parrish/Lorne, Sheppard/unspecified male, PG, 650 words)

Five Things John and Rodney Showed Teyla and Ronon While Visiting Earth (Gen, G, 1027 words)

Five Things Lorne Pretended Not to See (John/Cam, PG-13, ~600 words)

SGA Crossovers

[Battlestar Galactica/Stargate Atlantis] Grasslands - Following a mysterious storm, the Fleet finds itself above an apparently inhabited planet. Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies. (Gen, PG-13, ~1000 words)

[Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural] Flip Side - Dean heads to Republic, Washington to hunt down a trio of monsters whose young victims all appear to have died of old age. (John Sheppard/Dean Winchester, NC-17, ~5600 words)

Stargate SG-1

One Shot Stories

All In - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Sam & Cam, John/Cam, PG, 180 words)

All the White Horses - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Cam/Carolyn, PG-13, 450 words)

The Boss's Daughter - She's still her father's little girl. Written for [ profile] stargateland. (Cam/Carolyn, PG, 441 words)

In Battle's Fury, Silence - Remix of Pale Battalions by [personal profile] beatrice_otter. Teal'c goes to war in the name of Apophis. (Teal'c/Drey'auc, PG-13, ~1000 words)

Debrief - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Sam & Teal'c, R, 230 words)

J is for Jell-O - SG-1 has a thing about Jell-O. Written for Cam Alphabet Soup. (Gen, PG, 680 words)

J is for Jogging - Cam's always been a runner. (Gen, PG, 350 words)

A Kiss and a Plan - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Cam & Vala, R, 340 words)

Looking to the Future - Sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and hope. Written for [ profile] stargateland. (Sam/Cam, PG-13, 848 words)

R is for Regrets - Haikon is the last of his people. (Gen, PG-13, 445 words)

Secret Santa - Sam and Cam go Christmas shopping. Written for [ profile] stargateland. (Sam/Cam, PG-13, 470 words)

Untitled Halloween Ficlet I - Vala likes Halloween. (Gen, PG, ~300 words)

Untitled Halloween Ficlet II - Vala always has a way out. (Cam/Sam, PG-13, ~300 words)

Warm Hands, Slow Kiss - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Cam/Amy, PG-13, 400 words)

Five Things

Five principles Vala follows (or thinks she does) (Gen, PG-13, 481 words)

Five times someone figured out Sam and Vala were a couple (Sam/Vala, PG-13, 300 words)

Five times Vala was whinier than usual, but Sam kissed her anyway | Part II (Sam/Vala, PG-13, 838 words)

Five things Cam's never told anyone (Implied slash, PG, 325 words)

Five things that didn't happen aboard the Odyssey in Unending (but Teal'c told someone they did) (John/Cam, PG-13, 611 words)

Five times Cam didn't lose his pants (but kinda wished he had) (490 words, PG-13, Cam/John)

Five turning points in Wendy Mitchell's life (Wendy/Frank, PG-13, 950 words)

Five ways Vala surprised her teammates (Gen, PG, 476 words)

Four things that Cam would do for his teammates and one that he wouldn't I (Gen, PG-13, 700 words)

Four things that Cam would do for his teammates and one that he wouldn't II (Sam/Carolyn, R, 320 words)

Stargate SG-1 Crossovers

[Stargate SG-1/Farscape] Across the Scattered Universes - Cam spends the next two days trying to convince his captors that he's not the war criminal John Crichton. (Cam/Vala, Aeryn/John, PG-13, 1700 words)

[Stargate SG-1/Justified] High Noon Beneath a Red Sun - Raylan Givens is seconded to the Air Force. Written for [ profile] tvrealm. (Gen, PG-13, 2000 words)

SG1/SGA Crossovers

Series and Sequels

Joy! 'Tis Christmas Morning - The party had a surreal feel to it, the cheerful celebration clashing badly with his own internal state of anxiety. John checked his watch, wondering how much longer he had to stay for, then realized that if he left, he'd be alone in his room again. He couldn't decide which was worse. Written for the 2008 [ profile] sg1_jubilee ficathon. (Cam/John, PG, 6100 words)
If Only in My Dreams - Cam discusses holiday plans with John. (Cam/John, PG, 1350 words)

Under One Moon - After the fall of Earth, John joins the fight against the Ori. Written for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings 2008 Fic Battle. (Cam/John, R, 1900 words)
With Bloodied Swords - John, Cam, and Daniel attempt to stop an attack on Denver. Written for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings 2008 Fic Battle. (Cam/John, PG-13, 2250 words)

One Shot Stories

50 Places John and Cam Got It On, Or the History of an Inter-Galactic Long Distance Relationship (Cam/John, R, ~1000 words)

After Atlantis - Sam's no longer on Atlantis, which leaves her with a decision to make. (Sam/John, PG-13, 425 words)

Amends - "Sorry I didn't call," he says, and Cam has to laugh, because only John Sheppard would break five years of silence like this. (Cam/John, NC-17, ~1850 words)

By the Banks of the River Styx - Every story Cam's ever heard about fetching someone back from hell has ended badly. Ascension, however, isn't hell, and he's not looking to fetch anyone back. He just doesn't want to be left here alone. Written for the [ profile] apocalypse_kree 2008 Ficathon. (Cam/John, PG-13, 3772 words)

Close Enough to Flying - John and Teyla accompany Cam to his parents' house in Kansas to help with some home repairs. Written for the 2008 [ profile] sga_santa ficathon. (Cam/John, PG-13, 4662 words)

Eight Takes on Cameron Mitchell, Air Force Officer in Exile - An AU retelling of Continuum: eight perspectives on Cameron Mitchell during his first year in an alternate timeline. Remix of The Year That Was by [personal profile] bluflamingo. Written for Remix Redux 9(Cam/John, PG-13, 3469 words)

Fifteen Years - After fifteen years of sleeping with John, Cam decides he wants more. Written for the [ profile] sg_flyboys 2008 ficathon. (Cam/John, R, 6500 words)

Foreign Greetings, Common Challenges - Vala reluctantly accompanies SG-1 on a research trip to Atlantis. Written for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings 2008 ficathon. (Teyla/Vala, PG, 5500 words)

Friction - Cam's parents show up for a surprise visit early one Saturday morning. Written for the [ profile] sg_rarepairings 2008 Fic Battle. (Cam/John, NC-17, 2900 words)

Green and White and Red - Cam takes care of John during an emergency. Written for [community profile] sg_flyboys. (Cam/John, PG-13, 1870 words)

In Desperation, Madness - John and Cam plot to break regulations in order to help their families. (Gen, PG, 1960 words)

Just a Kiss Away - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (Sam/John, R, 190 words)

Kiss You Red - Written for [ profile] sg1_smooch. (John/Vala, PG, 380 words)

The Measure of Your Touch - If John's dead, how is he following Cam around? Written for the [community profile] cm_tropefic 2009 challenge, for the trope "ghosts." (Cam/John, R, ~7200 words)

On a Good Day - Cam is finding John Sheppard very distracting. Written for the 2008 Fall Fandom Free-For-All. (Cam/John, PG-13, ~1500 words)

Parallel Arcs (the mutual misunderstandings remix) - Remix of Lines in the Dark by [personal profile] bluflamingo for [ profile] gateverse_remix 2008. (Cam/John, PG-13, 3700 words)

Plus One Guitar - John intervenes in an awkward situation at Vala's Halloween party. Written for [ profile] sg_flyboys. (Cam/John, PG-13, 3000 words)

Stepping Down from the Sky - Six months after aliens conquer Earth, John and Rodney show up on Cam's doorstep with a plan for getting rid of the invaders. Written for the [ profile] apocalypse_kree 2008 ficathon. (Gen, PG-13, ~11 400 words)

Unexpected But Appreciated - General Landry has a conversation with Cam. Written for [ profile] stargateland. (Cam/John, PG, 754 words)

Unspoken - John's finding that his relationship with Cam is affecting how he does his job. Set in Season 4 of SGA and therefore post-SG1. Written for [ profile] sg_flyboys. (Cam/John, PG-13, ~4200 words)

With Wings Spread Wide - The SGC invites Teyla and Ronon to visit Earth. Cam seems intent on showing them the sights. Including the dragons. (Cam/John, PG-13, ~6400 words)

Five Things

Five People Cam Came Out to After DADT was Eliminated (Cam/John, PG-13, 830 words)

Five People John Sheppard Included In His Will and What He Left to Them (Cam/John, PG, 850 words)

Five times a member of SG1 slept with someone they shouldn’t have (Assorted, PG-13, 280 words)

Five Times Evan Lorne Disobeyed a Direct Order (Gen, PG-13, 1513 words)

Five Times a Member of SG1 Couldn't Sleep (Cam/John, PG, 572 words)

Five Things That Future History Books Get Wrong (Or Right) About the Stargate and the SGC (Cam/John, PG, 462 words

Other Crossovers

[Fringe/Supernatural] And Secrets to Keep - Fringe Division meets the Winchester brothers on a case involving shapeshifters. Written for [ profile] xover_exchange. (Lincoln Lee/Dean Winchester, PG-13, ~4200 words)

[Criminal Minds/Stargate SG-1] Evening of the Empire - When a serial killer strikes on an important allied world, the SGC calls on the BAU for help. Written for [ profile] xover_exchange. (Gen, PG-13, 8000 words)

[Criminal Minds/Supernatural] Faith Like a Stone, Sinking Fast - Castiel has a mission for Emily Prentiss. Written for [ profile] xover_exchange. (Gen, PG-13, 9160 words)

[Stargate Atlantis/Supernatural] Flip Side - Dean heads to Republic, Washington to hunt down a trio of monsters whose young victims all appear to have died of old age. Written for [ profile] xover_exchange. (John Sheppard/Dean Winchester, NC-17, ~5600 words)

[Being Human US/Criminal Minds] The Hollow of the Sky - Emily misses the sun. (Gen, PG-13, 1457 words)

Transformative Works Policy

Anyone is welcome to remix, podfic, or create art for any of my fic without asking. If you do, I'd love it if you'd drop me a link so that I can squee.

Please don't archive my work elsewhere.

Policy on Warnings

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