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AutoCorrect, I know you're very fond of taking correctly spelled words and changing them into other words that aren't at all what I intended, but why on earth would you take a perfectly ordinary, serviceable word like "the" and change it into "rhetoric"? What algorithm could possibly make that seem like an appropriate substitution?
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I've been playing around with importing Mixit layouts from LJ to DW following the instructions here. It's worked very well, except that for some reason I can no longer see anyone's name on my reading list. It's been kind of interesting trying to guess who said what based on the post content and icon, but I think I may have to switch back to a DW-specific layout if I can't figure out what happened.

In other, less fun, news, we discovered last week that we have raw sewage leaking into the basement. The plumber has concluded that it's probably coming from our neighbours' house--the result of a corroded pipe. Since fixing this would involve ripping out their entire kitchen, our neighbours have been understandably reluctant to admit that they're the source of the problem. After all, they don't have raw sewage in their house! We tried calling the city, but they said that they can't interfere when it's all on private property. The next step, if we can't talk the neighbours into doing the repairs, is to take them to court, which promises to be expensive and probably not terribly good for neighbourly relations. (And even better, my partner--who actually owns the house--is leaving next week for a month of travelling.)


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