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Countdown to conversion day

I went to see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets today. I thought it was terrible. Very pretty, of course, and with some interesting alien races, but otherwise awful. The characters weren't characters so much as bundles of clich├ęs, the dialogue was dreadful, I don't even want to discuss the sexism, and the characters frequently failed to do the logical thing in the situation for no discernible reason. So yeah, I really wasn't impressed. But it was nice spending time with my brothers.

For the Forever Knight fans: A friend of mine recently applied for Canadian citizenship, and a few weeks later received an email informing him that the processing of his application has now begun and also providing him with a link to the website where he can download the citizenship test study guide in either print or audio format. Furthermore, the email continued, the audio version is narrated by a group of famous Canadians. My friend didn't recognize any of the names, but I recognized a couple, including one that I thought might be of mild interest to handful of you: Geraint Wyn Davies. If any of you would like to listen to Nick Knight discuss the regions of Canada, you can do so here.

I was reading some advice today on how to improve ease of writing. The first step the site recommended is to write first thing in the morning, before doing anything else, or at least before reading anything else. It apparently doesn't matter what you write as long as you write something; recounting the previous night's dreams or discussing in detail how much you hate the activity are both perfectly valid options. I think I might try it for a bit and see what happens, if I can just bring myself to wake up a little earlier.

I have another week of vacation coming up soon. I should start putting together a list of the things I'd like to accomplish. Bake, definitely; maybe visit the bank; maybe go to the beach. That's a start.
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Thank you for sharing that fun tidbit about Mr. Wyn Davies's narration! I've downloaded the whole course as well as the individual section -- I like to learn stuff while hunting pokemon on weekends, I'm tired of news programs, and I can't get the game to run at the same time as The Great Courses app. :-)

Very good luck waking up and writing!

(I saw previews for that Valerian movie, and I kept thinking that both of the leads looked terrible: exhausted, hungry, ill. Was that just me...?)