skieswideopen: (Being Human: Aidan)
skieswideopen ([personal profile] skieswideopen) wrote2017-02-06 10:53 pm

Crossovers that will never be written

A couple of crossover ideas I'd like to see, mostly written for myself, because it's easier to write about the stories I want to read than to actually write them.

1. Intelligence/Timeless

I want to read a story where Gabriel and Riley stumble across Rittenhouse during another investigation. Gabriel realizes that Wyatt is working against them, recognizes him from his Delta days, and decides to pass along some intel he got via the chip.

2. Sleepy Hollow/Being Human (US/Canada)

Is anyone still watching Sleepy Hollow, besides me? Regardless, I'd still really like to see a story drawing on Crane and Aidan's common period of origin. Something Crane and his current team--whoever they are--run into Aidan et al. and Crane and Aidan recognize each other from having served together on a mission or maybe from corresponding after Crane wrote to Aidan's father about some books he might have for sale and Aidan replied and they catch up and exchange stories and share tales about their takes on the modern age and both teams help each other out with some mission or another.

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