skieswideopen: Henry and Elizabeth from Madam Secretary, each looking thoughtful (Madam Secretary: Elizabeth & Henry)
skieswideopen ([personal profile] skieswideopen) wrote2016-11-13 11:43 pm

Madam Secretary

Yay, Dmitri! But wow, that's a depressing life. I've often thought that witness protection would be absolutely awful in that you could never be truly honest--and thus truly intimate--with another human being ever again. Dmitri apparently feels the same. And then there's the whole serious unemployment and the knowledge that he can't ever really do anything that has the potential to be visible. He could go back to school, maybe, but he's going to have to spend his whole life keeping his head down and avoiding the spotlight. It's realistic, of course, and it could be worse, but I still wish for something a little more hopeful for him.

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