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Fanfiction Year in Review

Yuletide is done for the year, which means that I can post this. According to the stats, my Agent Carter story was far and away the most popular thing I wrote this year. It's trope-driven shipfic in a popular fandom, so I suppose that helps. My Justified Yuletide fic isn't doing too badly for a gen story, so I'm happy about that.

Agent Carter
In the Dark I Wait (Carter/Sousa, PG-13, 7870 words) - Peggy and Daniel get some quality time together courtesy of another Howard Stark invention.

Battle Creek
He's Not Heavy (Gen, PG-13, 5381 words) - Russ tries to figure out why Milt is late and learns more than he expected. (Landcomm fic, and I'm still hoping to rewrite and expand it.)
Never Meant to Last (Gen, PG-13, 1410 words) - Post-series, Milt's partner from LA comes to visit him in the hospital.
On a Twisted Road (Gen, PG-13, 1281 words) - Russ and Milt go on a post-apocalyptic road trip to search for Holly.

Being Human (US)
A Grey Trail (Gen, PG-13, 1469 words) - Aidan knew the blonde was trouble the moment she walked into his office. (Noir Detective AU)

External Resources (The Silent Partner Remix) - Fringe/The X-Files; Olivia doesn't trust the other side. Remix of Threat Assessment by wendelah1.

And the River Runs On (Gen, PG-13, 2481 words) - Abe watches Jo come to terms with Henry's secret.

Forever Knight
One Pin Short (Gen, PG-13, 3085 words) - Schanke talks a reluctant Nick into a night of bowling.

A Thousand Small Regrets, Ended (Gen, PG-13, 5833 words) - Rachel collides with a piece of her past when she and Tim take part in an operation to protect her ex.

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