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Up the Chain

An imaginary Justified spin-off for the [ profile] gameofcards Too Good For This World challenge.

The Character: Rachel Brooks from Justified (96 words)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Books was a supporting character for six seasons of Justified. She's smart and competent and careful, and her boss described her as the best deputy marshal he had and set her up to take over when he retired, but in six years, she got exactly one episode that focused on her life.

Rachel deserves better. She deserves a personal life beyond one episode focusing on her family and a brief mention of a divorce. She also deserves a chance to really show how she shines on the job. This is her show.

The Show: Up the Chain (71 words)

Newly promoted Rachel Brooks is the first black woman to hold the position of Chief Deputy Marshal in Lexington. The position has its perks and its challenges.

While she generally has the respect of the marshals under her, the citizens at large--particularly those outside of Lexington--aren't always so welcoming, and she's facing a battle among the petty crime lords to replace Boyd Crowder.

And then there's her family to deal with.

The Characters

1. Jayne Cassidy is the newest addition to the Lexington marshals office. A Boston transplant and recent graduate from training academy, following in her father's footsteps as a US marshal is a longstanding dream for her. She's smart, careful and eager--a lot like Rachel herself. Unlike Rachel, she has a secret. (50 words)

2. The fall of Boyd Crowder left a whole in the Harlan underworld. Several figures stepped up with ideas of filling it, but of those, Jefferson Hill is both the smartest and the most ambitious. That, naturally, makes him the most troublesome as far as local law enforcement is concerned. (49 words)

3. Paul Taylor is an assistant U.S. attorney newly assigned to Lexington. His easygoing manner hides a razor-sharp mind and a keen sense of justice. Lately, Rachel's noticed that he seems to spend a little more time around the US Marshal's office than is strictly necessary. (45 words)

The Episodes

1. "When the Bough Breaks"
Jayne Cassidy shoots a suspect's brother during a manhunt. As she waits to see if the man will live or die, she tries to come to terms with what she's done and what the job requires. (41 words)

2. "Come Spring"
A challenging case leads to Tim Gutterson and Paul Taylor spending a lot of time together and Rachel wonders if there's more to it than just work. Jefferson Hill moves into town. (34 words)

3. "Fresh Blood"
Jefferson Hill draws Rachel's attention when he helps a prisoner escape custody in order to solidify his heroin connections. While Tim and Jayne work to recapture the prisoner, Rachel looks into Hill. (34 words)

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