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It looks like Sleepy Hollow and Saving Hope are both trying to reboot their shows a little bit. They've both resolved a bunch of old plotlines--especially Sleepy Hollow--and whittled their casts down. I assume we'll be getting some new characters as the season progresses.

I'm enjoying both so far.

Abbie! Jenny! Ichabod! They're all back! I really liked that Sleepy Hollow went back for a fresh start with a new bad guy and a new tribulation and even some new characters in the title credits. I'm also absolutely delighted that Abbie got to go ahead and live her dream of becoming an FBI agent. Plus Abbie and Ichabod both had really nice hair. (Those who loved Ichabod's long hair will not doubt mourn it's disappearance, but I prefer the new style.) I miss Irving, but I'm choosing to be optimistic about the new season.

On Saving Hope, I can't believe how many characters they've gotten rid of! Joel, Melanda, Sydney, possibly Maggie. Hopefully not Maggie. I suppose the cast was a little large and maybe they're just trying to make it more manageable, but I'm a little sad that we're not going to get more of Sydney's story, in particular.
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the bad guy seems delightfulllllll shannyn sossamon is lovely too.

ABBIE AND JENNY AND ICHaBOD!!! the bestttttttt.

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yeah for sure!!! it was always going to be a show that struggled to keep fresh
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I'm puzzled about why Irving had to go in the housecleaning, but otherwise, hope the series is back on track. As for the new characters, we'll see. I suspect Betsy Ross will get shoehorned into a lot of flashback places Katrina would have been in earlier seasons; hopefully they'll give us a chance to get to like her, rather than jamming her down our throats like blond-guy-whose-name-I-have-mercifully-blocked from last season.