skieswideopen: Charlie Crews at the range, aiming a gun (Life: range)
skieswideopen ([personal profile] skieswideopen) wrote2015-06-24 01:24 am
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Night on Fic Mountain

Night on Fic Mountain went live on Sunday, and I received not one, but two stories. I went into this exchange knowing my requests were all unmatchable, so I'm delighted two people were kind enough to write for me.

My official story was Oblivion (Intelligence, Gen, 1774 words), which features Gabriel and Riley trying with limited success to get some downtime by hanging out with some of Riley's friends from the Secret Service.

I also received a treat: Alterations (Life, Gen, 657 words), which is a great pre-series look at Charlie and Constance.

There are lots of other stories too, in various rare fandoms, which you should check out if you're into that sort of thing.

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