Jul. 7th, 2014 08:44 pm
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One of the current challenges at [ profile] gameofcards is to take photos based on ten of the topics from a thirty-day "photo of the day" meme. We had the option of doing one photo everyday or taking all of them at once, and I opted for latter. So, photos!

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Created for [community profile] thecoffeehouse. Which is not a landcomm! Just a social community.

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1. I'm thinking of trying to learn to drive (again). I've had a G1 (learner's permit) for, oh, about fourteen years total (with a few breaks between), but I've never gotten as far as taking a road test, although I've taken driving lessons three times now. I really, really don't like driving, but it seems like one of those adult skills I ought to make the effort to master. So maybe it's time for another round of lessons. And maybe to see if I can sweet-talk one of my friends or sibs into taking me to practice. Actually, one of my friends is working nights right now...maybe I can talk him into a few drives in exchange for lunch.

2. My sister and brother picked up Toronto Rock season tickets. I'm debating whether to join them, or just plan on going to a couple of games this season. It's not like I'm that big a lacrosse fan and it's not like lacrosse generally sells out. I did have a good time last time, though. (We don't actually sit in our seats--we hang out in the restaurant instead--so it doesn't really matter whether our seats are together.)

3. I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale! I resisted for a while because I usually have trouble listening for an extended period, but I've actually found the format fairly easy to listen to. So much so that I managed to catch up on the entire thing in about a week. (I made a few trips downtown and back during that time, which helped. When I have successfully listened to any sort of podfic or audiobook, it's been on public transportation.)

4. Standard enabling: prompt claiming is still open at [ profile] apocalypse_kree with fic due in early October, and fandom recruitment opens at [community profile] space_swap | [ profile] space_swap on the 14th, in case you have any space-based fandoms you've been dying to share. Oh, and with the new TV season starting up, it might be worth checking out [community profile] tv_talk if you're looking to chat with other viewers of your favourite shows.

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