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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good holiday, if you celebrated any of the recent holidays. Mine were typical: turkey and family and gifts on Christmas, and then Chinese food and slightly less family on New Year's Day. It was nice.

My week of reception temp work ended up being very quiet, which gave me time to read some Yuletide fic. I got THREE Intelligence stories, two in the main collection from my assigned author, and a Madness ficlet from someone else. So, so awesome!

Mom Knows Best (4414 words) is a Gabriel/Riley fic that picks up where the series finale leaves off, and I Carved a Block of Wood (2342 words) is a pre-series look at Gabriel & Shen's relationship not long before Riley comes on the scene. They're both by [ profile] shetiger, and they're both awesome and worth reading if you liked the show. And Dear George (332 words, gen) by misura is a cute look at some other possible uses of the chip, and very, very Nelson.

My story was Tidings of Comfort and Joy (2735 words, gen), a Believe story focusing on Tate and Bo, with appearances from Winter and Channing.

This weekend I'm working on [ profile] gameofcards challenges and [community profile] fandom_stocking. I'm also debating whether to sign up for [ profile] shipswap. I do have a few rare pairings I like right now, but they mostly involve single-episode guest stars, which might be a bit difficult to match on. (Seriously. How did I end up shipping THREE pairings involving characters who only show up once?) So I might skip it. I haven't decided yet.
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Today's the last day to sign up for the next round of [ profile] owememafia, if anyone's free this weekend and wants to play.

So, TV.

The Mentalist )

Believe )

Lost )

The Blacklist is back on Monday! I'm excited.

I've been pushing my workout routine lately. I was kind of coasting for a while--working out regularly, but not really pushing myself--but now I'm trying to get serious about increasing the length and intensity. I'm trying to get my running endurance back to where it used to be before knee problems struck me down. I've mostly been doing speed intervals the last couple of years, so I'm faster than I used to be, but can't go as far. Hopefully I'll be able to do it without too many knee problems--we'll see if all that money for physio pays off. And I'd also like to see if I can manage a pull-up by the end of the summer. I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but it's good to have goals, right?
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TIFF closes tomorrow, so I went down for one last film tonight: Bright Days Ahead. My TIFF movies this year have all had a romantic bent, which is a nice change from the really creepy and rather bloody Japanese serial killer movie I watched the last time I went to the festival. (I did not end up spending the day downtown the way I'd planned. When I woke up this morning and saw just how cold it was supposed to get tonight, I decided the better plan was to go home and pick up some warmer clothing, including a winter coat. Given how long I spent lined up outside, I think it was the right decision.)

Haven was back tonight! Except in Canada, where they've decided not to show it until December. Yeah, I'm not sure what they're thinking either. It's a little frustrating. But apparently we get Craig Olejnik as a guest star this season! It'll be interesting to see him in something besides The Listener. (Incidentally, the season finale The Listener aired a couple of weeks ago, thus concluding a rather disappointing season. I love the characters and I enjoyed some of the episode premises, but the writing and dialogue just weren't there for me. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong, but it's missing something.)

It's exciting to see the new television season starting up! The three shows I'm planning to pick up this fall are Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Almost Human, and Sleepy Hollow, but I'm also waiting to see if anything else gets rave reviews. (I'm also curious to see how new fandoms get incorporated among tag wranglers. And how Yuletide gets handled. Interesting times!)

Plans for this weekend: transcribe some interviews, visit with my sister and nephew, do some cleaning, and sort out some health insurance claims. Such excitement! Oh, and maybe I'll work on my Being Human US/Canada primer for [community profile] tv_talk. That'll be fun!

TIFF time!

Sep. 9th, 2013 10:24 pm
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I went down to see Belle at TIFF today. It was good! The movie was apparently inspired by an 18th century painting, and all of the information the creators could find about the girls in the painting. Really interesting. There was a surprise Q&A with the cast and the writer/director at the end, which was also awesome. I was a little worried when I got there--I was forty minutes early and the ticket-holders line-up already extended more than three blocks--but one of the advantages of going to see a movie alone is lots of flexibility in seating. (I'd never been in the Winter Garden Theatre before; it was gorgeous! The whole ceiling is covered with leaves and lanterns. Very striking.)

I'm hoping to make one more TIFF movie before the festival ends. I'll have to see what else I can get tickets for.

After the movie, I took a detour to buy a new external hard drive, in the hopes of cutting down my current selection from six to something more reasonable. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the old ones, but anything is better than having them take up space on my desk. (Truthfully, I'd like to get a new desk, with useful features like a keyboard tray and some drawers. But I think that will have to wait a while.)

I'm supposed to be posting ten posts in ten days for a challenge at [ profile] universe_the. Uh, anyone have anything they want me to talk about?
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All that, and my laptop is still broken. :(

But at least I know the problems with the DVD drive are software-based and not the hardware problem I assumed. Although I'm not really sure it's an improvement, since all of Google's suggestions seem to involved either editing the registry, which I already did, or deleting and reinstalling the drivers via Device Manager, which I can't do because Device Manager doesn't have an option for DVD drive.

(The drive works until Windows starts. I can see it in BIOS, and boot from the recovery disks. But once Windows is in play, my DVD drive disappears. It's a little puzzling, really.)
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I will be gone from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon if anyone's looking for me. Not sure yet whether I'll have internet access, but even if I do, I won't be on much.

Dear LJ,

It would be really nice if, by the time I get back, you could manage to stop logging me out every five minutes. Especially when I'm trying to put up complicated voting posts.

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Made it home safely. Going to bed now.

Good luck to all the East Coast people!
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Stargate fans: Today is the last day to prompt at [ profile] apocalypse_kree. Just in case any of you wanted to help end the world. (You don't have to write to prompt, you don't have to prompt to write, etc., etc.). I'll try to get the prompt claiming post up tomorrow morning-ish, Eastern time. (Yay for long weekends!)

Also, if any of you find yourselves missing [ profile] mcsmooch or [ profile] non_mcsmooch, [ profile] gaffsie is thinking about creating a new, joint community for all your SGA kissing needs. She's inviting feedback on the idea over here.

ION, my 1TB external hard drive is now full. And it seemed so BIG when I got it! I guess that means I need to buy a new one. Something larger? Something big enough to hold ripped DVDs so I could start vidding? ('Cause I totally need another way to waste my time.) I just need to find one that doesn't have a hundred reviews going "it died on me a month after I got it."

ETA: Look! The porn battle just opened too! DW | LJ
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I was out until 7am celebrating a high school friend's impending wedding via a road trip to Niagara Falls. I'm supposed to be meeting up with more friends this afternoon for Taste of the Danforth (i.e., standing in the street eating lots of Greek food, mostly meat on skewers) and again tonight for the UFC fight, assuming I can stay awake that long.

So, since I'm too awake to sleep more and too tired to actually think, I'm going to play in the meme that's going around.

Ask me my Top Five anything--fannish or non-fannish--and I'll answer in a new post.
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I've been playing around with importing Mixit layouts from LJ to DW following the instructions here. It's worked very well, except that for some reason I can no longer see anyone's name on my reading list. It's been kind of interesting trying to guess who said what based on the post content and icon, but I think I may have to switch back to a DW-specific layout if I can't figure out what happened.

In other, less fun, news, we discovered last week that we have raw sewage leaking into the basement. The plumber has concluded that it's probably coming from our neighbours' house--the result of a corroded pipe. Since fixing this would involve ripping out their entire kitchen, our neighbours have been understandably reluctant to admit that they're the source of the problem. After all, they don't have raw sewage in their house! We tried calling the city, but they said that they can't interfere when it's all on private property. The next step, if we can't talk the neighbours into doing the repairs, is to take them to court, which promises to be expensive and probably not terribly good for neighbourly relations. (And even better, my partner--who actually owns the house--is leaving next week for a month of travelling.)


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