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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a good holiday, if you celebrated any of the recent holidays. Mine were typical: turkey and family and gifts on Christmas, and then Chinese food and slightly less family on New Year's Day. It was nice.

My week of reception temp work ended up being very quiet, which gave me time to read some Yuletide fic. I got THREE Intelligence stories, two in the main collection from my assigned author, and a Madness ficlet from someone else. So, so awesome!

Mom Knows Best (4414 words) is a Gabriel/Riley fic that picks up where the series finale leaves off, and I Carved a Block of Wood (2342 words) is a pre-series look at Gabriel & Shen's relationship not long before Riley comes on the scene. They're both by [ profile] shetiger, and they're both awesome and worth reading if you liked the show. And Dear George (332 words, gen) by misura is a cute look at some other possible uses of the chip, and very, very Nelson.

My story was Tidings of Comfort and Joy (2735 words, gen), a Believe story focusing on Tate and Bo, with appearances from Winter and Channing.

This weekend I'm working on [ profile] gameofcards challenges and [community profile] fandom_stocking. I'm also debating whether to sign up for [ profile] shipswap. I do have a few rare pairings I like right now, but they mostly involve single-episode guest stars, which might be a bit difficult to match on. (Seriously. How did I end up shipping THREE pairings involving characters who only show up once?) So I might skip it. I haven't decided yet.
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[community profile] nightonficmountain is live, and I got a lovely Almost Human story about Sandra Maldonado. It's a great study of Maldonado, and of her relationships with both Kennex and Stahl, and worth checking out if you like the character.

Nail Polish (Gen, 1097 words)
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A couple of recs for everyone else who's sad that Intelligence was cancelled.

Beginning of a ... Friendship, Anyway by KrisLaughs is a great pre-series look at Gabriel's recruitment into Clockwork from Lillian's perspective. It also touches on what it takes to keep going with a project that keeps killing good people. (Gen, 5447 words)

And over on FFN, anyadoll has written several excellent Riley/Gabriel stories. One of my favourites are What the Water Gave Me, where Riley is forced to temporarily move in with Gabriel after a flooding incident at her place. (Riley/Gabriel, 7450 words)

Also, a couple of The Mentalist fics that I wrote for challenges.

More fic )
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Since there was some interest last night in John Sheppard/Cam Mitchell fic recs, I thought I'd spread out the work (and create a wider field of recs) by setting up a new central rec post at [community profile] sg_flyboys.

If you're interested in getting some recs, go leave a comment detailing what kinds of things you're looking for.

If you have some recs to share, go do that too!

There have been a lot of great new stories lately--and some new fans who might have missed the older stories--and I'd love to see all of the great fic get the attention it deserves.
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I got all sorts of lovely holiday fic this year, and didn't mention any of it here. So I thought I'd correct that now.

[ profile] brightknightie wrote a fantastic Forever Knight story for me - Scrubbed Clean and honestly, it's worth reading even if you don't know the show. It's set in 1275 and it's all outsider POV and it's a spectacular exploration of the price vampires extract from the people around them even when they don't kill them.

[ profile] penknife wrote Deck the Halls - SGA John & Sam friendship Christmas fic, and it's adorable and an absolutely perfect depiction of Sam.

[ profile] lilyleia78 wrote Lessons from the Playground with adorable kid!John.

[ profile] cantarina1 wrote Drag and Lift which is a fantastic Cam & Sam friendship story looking at their days in the Air Force Academy and it's a nice look at how they might have been then while still being recognizably themselves.

[personal profile] bluflamingo wrote a lovely John/Cam + Vala/Sam Christmas ficlet in which Cam takes Vala home for Christmas (and I still kind of want to see the outcome of that visit).

[ profile] tesserae_ wrote very sweet John/Cam domestic post-Christmas fic: and it's time to take the tree down.

And finally, [personal profile] colls made me a fantastic John/Cam vid!

I think that's it. If missed anyone, I apologize! It wasn't intentional.

(ION, I got a new Dreamwidth layout and it's very pretty.)
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Look! [ profile] rubygirl29 wrote some John/Cam first date comment fic for me. Well, for my prompt, anyway. XD

Go check it out!
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Five secrets people told Ronon (650 words, PG, includes Lorne/Parrish and an unspecified slash relationship for John that could be John/Cam if your tastes run in that direction) at [ profile] sg1_five_things.

And something [personal profile] maab_connor wrote for me: Cam/OFC comment fic at [community profile] fic_promptly for the prompt "living out his days on a planet that isn't Earth." Check it out!


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