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Since there was some interest last night in John Sheppard/Cam Mitchell fic recs, I thought I'd spread out the work (and create a wider field of recs) by setting up a new central rec post at [community profile] sg_flyboys.

If you're interested in getting some recs, go leave a comment detailing what kinds of things you're looking for.

If you have some recs to share, go do that too!

There have been a lot of great new stories lately--and some new fans who might have missed the older stories--and I'd love to see all of the great fic get the attention it deserves.
skieswideopen: Cam Mitchell in his Mustang and Vegas!John in his Mustang (SG: John/Cam cars)
Courtesy of the always-fabulous [ profile] everythingshiny:

I kind of feel like I should host a challenge or something and get people to write drabbles about what's going on in the gif. I mean, what exactly is John thinking there?
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Five secrets people told Ronon (650 words, PG, includes Lorne/Parrish and an unspecified slash relationship for John that could be John/Cam if your tastes run in that direction) at [ profile] sg1_five_things.

And something [personal profile] maab_connor wrote for me: Cam/OFC comment fic at [community profile] fic_promptly for the prompt "living out his days on a planet that isn't Earth." Check it out!
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So [ profile] gaffsie recently noticed that both [ profile] mcsmooch and [ profile] non_mcsmooch seem to have died a few months ago and decided to rectify that situation by creating a new, consolidated SGA kissing community: [ profile] sga_smooch. At which point she and I discussed and agreed that there's really no reason that SGA should have all the fun. (Especially since, if you go by what actors say at cons, there was a whole lot more kissing happening on the SG1 set than the SGA set.)

Therefore, I now present you with [ profile] sg1_smooch.

Both communities are open for entries from now until August 14th, and will periodically be open in parallel from now on. If you're not too busy writing for the Porn Battle, why not stop by?

Oooh, and while I have your attention, let me also point out that prompt claiming is now open at [ profile] apocalypse_kree, in case you want to come help end the world.

(P.S. If any of you would like to volunteer to be the back-up admin at [ profile] sg1_smooch, let me know. You probably won't have to do anything; I just like having contingency plans in place.)
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Conversation seems to have died down, so on to the next step. (If you feel like you're not being given time to participate because of the speed with which this is happening, I'm sorry. I'm trying to maintain momentum here, so once I feel like a consensus has been reached--or as close to a consensus as we're going to get--I move on. But feel free to keep bringing up stuff from previous posts if you feel strongly about it. I haven't even created the community yet, so things can still change. And if you're not on my flist and are having trouble keeping up with the new entries, just track the 'alternative guide to sga' tag.)

First off, I want to clarify the purpose of this project. What I envision is for this project to serve as a guide for people who are interested in a particular character or pairing/poly relationship. A starting point. It's not meant to list every possible fic or fanwork in an area; just to tell people where to start looking. And it's meant to fill a gap. As far as I know, there are no beginner's guides for pairings/poly relationships other than McShep, and I'd really like to see one so that people who are drawn into the fandom by characters like Elizabeth or Teyla have some idea of where to begin, and people who are curious about new pairings/poly relationship have a place to start. We are, as several of you have put it, the [ profile] non_mcsmooch to the various [ profile] mcsmooch-type guides out there.

More details and discussion. )

(If you're reading this on DW, I really recommend coming over to LJ for the discussion, because that seems to be where everyone is, and it's easier to keep it in one location.)

The community has been created! Come over to [ profile] sga_guide and join in the fun there!

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Title: With Wings Spread Wide
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis
Pairings: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~6400
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] sg_flyboys for [ profile] miss_zedem, who wanted an AU with a happy ending and some teaminess.
Summary: The SGC invites Teyla and Ronon to visit Earth. Cam seems intent on showing them the sights. Including the dragons.

With Wings Spread Wide
skieswideopen: The Odyssey floating over Earth (SG: Odyssey)
Title: In Friendship’s Name
Characters: John, Ronon, Teyla
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~3100
Notes: Written for [ profile] satedan_grabass. My thanks to [personal profile] scrollgirl for beta reading.

Summary: John and Ronon provide back-up for Teyla on a rescue mission gone wrong.

John took a sip of the sour beer Ronon had ordered for both of them.
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Title: Grasslands
Pairings: None
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~1050
Notes: Written for [ profile] twelvecolonies for the crossover fic challenge.

Purple and blue and red )
skieswideopen: John Sheppard & Cameron Mitchell making guns with their hands (SG: John/Cam handguns)
Title: Unspoken
Pairing: Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~4200
Notes: Written for [ profile] sg_flyboys for [ profile] dossier, who wanted humour, arguments, and romance. I tried for the latter tow.

Summary: John's finding that his relationship with Cam is affecting how he does his job. Set in Season 4 of SGA and therefore post-SG1.

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Title: In Knowledge Abide
Author: [ profile] skieswideopen
Fandom: SGA/X-Files (Fusion)
Pairings/Rating: None/PG
Warnings/Spoilers: No pairings. Minor spoilers for SGA S4 "The Seer."
Word Count: ~7100
Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] xfileyourfandom challenge. No knowledge of The X-Files is required to understand this story, and neither Mulder nor Scully make an appearance. This story is based on the episode "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (transcript). Some dialogue by The Stupendous Yappi and Clyde Bruckman was lifted directly from the episode, including most of Bruckman's predictions, and his speech about paradoxes.
Summary: While visiting Earth, Sheppard's team is sent to investigate a serial killer who seems to be targeting people with the ATA gene.

In Knowledge Abide )
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I was rewatching "Sateda" recently, and I got to the point where Teyla says John lacks social skills, and...I'm trying to figure out where that comes from, 'cause I can't find any evidence of it in the show. Everything I've seen--the first meeting with the Athosians, giving Elizabeth a birthday gift, John's easy friendships with his (dead) colleagues in "Home," hanging out with Ronon, his interactions with his team and other people on Atlantis--suggests to me that his social skills are quite good. People seem to like him, and he doesn't strike me as really struggling in social situations. Now, if you want to call him introverted, or emotionally uncommunicative, or reluctant to form intimate relationships, I could get behind that. We certainly don't see him going around talking about his feelings, and I don't think that's just because the writers didn't bother showing us those scenes. But socially inept? I don't see it. Am I missing something?


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