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Nov. 7th, 2011 05:27 pm
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I wrote a response to a prompt at [community profile] sg_five_things|[ profile] sg1_five_things. And then I had some ideas left over, so I wrote a second response. :)

Four things that Cam would do for his teammates and one that he wouldn't I (Sam/Carolyn, PG-13, 700 words)

Four things that Cam would do for his teammates and one that he wouldn't II (Gen, R, 320 words, warnings for implied non-con, impending major character death)

(Also, "five things Teyla dreams about" didn't get any responses this round, if anyone feels like writing a late response.)
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I answered four prompts for [ profile] sg1_five_things's [ profile] help_japan charity set:

Five times Vala was whinier than usual, but Sam kissed her anyway | Part II

Five times someone figured out Sam and Vala were a couple

Five things that didn't happen aboard the Odyssey in Unending (but Teal'c told someone they did)

Five principles Vala follows (or thinks she does)

I also remixed [personal profile] bluflamingo's fantastic story, The Year That Was, for Remix Redux: Eight Takes on Cameron Mitchell, Air Force Officer in Exile. (For those who haven't read either, both stories are AU retellings of Continuum in which Cam looks up John during his year in the alternate timeline and discovers that John has left the Air Force and is now running a flying school. I recommend reading the original first.)
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So, do any of you watch SGU? Anyone want to leave us some new SGU prompts over at [community profile] sg_five_things/[ profile] sg1_five_things?

Actually, we could use some new prompts for all three Stargate shows. We still have a decent number of SGA and SG1 prompts, but a lot of 'em come from the mods, and it'd be nice to a little more variety in prompters. Team prompts, major character prompts, supporting character prompts, pairing's all good. Whatever you want to read or write, basically.

If you're feeling inspired, new prompts go here. The prompt post is only on LJ, but you're welcome to use Open ID or prompt anonymously if you want to. (Both should work, but if you run into problems, let me know.) One prompt per comment 'cause it helps keeps us organized, but you're welcome to leave as many comments as you like.

(If you want to see what kinds of prompts have been used in the past, we have a list. Well, two lists. Part one is here and part two is here.)
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Title: Five people John Sheppard included in his will and what he left to them
Author: [ profile] skieswideopen
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Sheppard/Mitchell (only #5)
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for and reposted from [ profile] sg1_five_things, set 48.

1. John actually had two wills. One was informal, filed only on Atlantis, naming recipients of various items he has in his quarters. Keepsakes, really, since he didn't have anything especially valuable on Atlantis (though admittedly, valuable was a relative term when the Daedalus only showed up every couple of months).

In this will, he left his guitar to Teyla. He'd rarely played it since coming to Atlantis, and wasn't even sure why he'd brought it except that he'd had it for more than twenty years and had dragged it across every continent on Earth, and so discarding it now was kind of unthinkable. He thought Teyla might appreciate it, even though she wouldn't have any memories associating it with him. He'd been to enough Athosian celebrations to know how important music was to them, and he'd seen Teyla slip out to watch Sergeant Mazer strum his way through "Stairway to Heaven" on quiet nights on Atlantis. He thought she might even learn to play it.

2. Ronon got a soapstone carving of a horse that John had received as a gift from Nancy early in their relationship and kept around for sentimental reasons. He'd originally left Ronon his surfboard, thinking that he'd take the Satedan out and teach him one day. And then that day came, and it ended as disastrously as Ronon's attempts to teach John those ridiculous Satedan fighting games that invariably left him hopping on one foot with both hands tied behind his back. So he changed it over to the horse, which Ronon tended to gravitate toward whenever he was in John’s quarters. He'd turn it over and over in his hands while he talked to John, and John suspected that it reminded Ronon of home, or childhood, or something else precious. He also left Ronon his collection of action movies, not sure that Ronon would remain on Atlantis long enough to watch them once John was gone.

3. The other will had been drawn up by the family lawyers, and now sat in their offices. Occasionally, when he was back on Earth, he'd pay them a visit and have it updated, because he wasn't quite as careless about money as his brother thought.

The first provision of the that will left all of his shares in the family company to his brother and any children his brother might have, because he also wasn't as careless about family as his brother thought, and he really didn't want the company his father and grandfather had built up to fall into strange hands. He just didn't want to have to run it himself.

4. The formal will also left a good chunk of his money--tied up in a trust fund until John was 25, but now his to control, because his father had never expected this kind of rebellion when he set it up--to Rodney. When John watched Rodney bitch about yet another ridiculous IOA or Air Force decision, he knew, as if he could see straight through to the other man's core, that one day Rodney was going to walk away from the whole program, his previously boundless enthusiasm crushed and left for dead by politics and expediency and morally questionable decisions. And when Rodney left, John didn't want him forced to take another position where politics might rule his life. As he saw it, what he was really giving Rodney was freedom.

(He'd made similar provisions for Elizabeth in his will, for similar reasons. He'd almost changed it the last time he was on Earth, but then decided to leave the money in trust for her, just in case.)

5. John had wanted to leave some of his money to Cameron, too, but that would have been far too obvious, and besides, Cam had scoffed when he hesitantly brought the issue up and told John that he wasn't planning on spending his life as a kept man and John was going to outlive him anyway. So instead John had a quiet word with Alex Shah, who John had always found one of the most approachable attorneys at the firm and who had been discreetly involved with another man for ten years, and Alex set up a sort of posthumous trust that didn't have to be named in the will and wouldn't be noticed unless someone went looking for it, with the money to be turned over to Cam if and when he retired from or otherwise left the Air Force. And then John went back and revised his informal will, leaving Cam the tiny silver knife he'd received from the people of Palus on one of his first trade missions in the Pegasus Galaxy. He'd quietly chuckled at the size of the knife, but it had saved his life no less than five times since then, all in entirely improbable ways, and had become something of a good luck charm for him—a symbol of survival in difficult times. He wasn't sure the knife would survive his death since it came on most of missions, but he was hoping it would, and that Cam would get it and understand what it meant.


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