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skieswideopen: Sydney Bristow and Nadia Santos standing on a bridge (Alias: Sydney & Nadia)

Looking for a place to land

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Created on 2009-04-13 03:57:56 (#50741), last updated 2017-06-17 (6 days ago)

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The Basics

Fannish stuff is mostly public. Personal stuff is mostly flocked. Feel free to friend and de-friend at will. I often friend people back if we have something in common and if your journal is actively updated, or if I know you from somewhere.

Stuff I Make

Mostly I write fanfic. Occasionally I make other things too. I always welcome feedback if you feel so moved, regardless of how old a story/post is. My policy on warnings in my fic can be found here. If for some reason you want to know, my ramblings on the kinds of things I like in fic can be found here.

Things I Watch

Still Airing: Agent Carter, Killjoys, Penny Dreadful, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow

Older/Other Favourites: Battle Creek, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human (US/Canada), Due South, Justified, Forever, Forever Knight, Fringe, Intelligence (US), Life, The Listener, The Mentalist, Stargate

Check my interests for a more complete list of shows I like.

Stuff I Do

I mod/co-mod [ profile] sg1_smooch and [ profile] apocalypse_kree on LJ, and [community profile] sg_flyboys, [community profile] toodamnpretty, [community profile] caffeinatedmagic, and [community profile] thecoffeehouse on DW. Plus [community profile] space_swap | [ profile] space_swap on both.

Other Places to Find Me

I'm also on LiveJournal as [ profile] skieswideopen
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