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Everything has its day, right?

I find it hilarious that New York Fries--a fast food restaurant that literally sells nothing but fries (and hot dogs)--has a loyalty program. (Okay, they also sell a few poutine variants, but that's just French fries with toppings.) A loyalty program. Buy 10, get one free.

On the other hand, apparently members can get free fries tomorrow in honour of National Fry Day, so now I'm kind of thinking about joining.
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Legit, I'd have a full card. I didn't know they had a loyalty program, I'm shook.

(This is how trash I am: I like to get their sorry excuse for poutine. I put malt vinegar on it. It's delicious.)
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I don't know what Smoke's is, must be some Ontario BS. ;)

But yes, the bacon poutine (with vinegar of course) is a go-to when I run off to the movies without eating dinner.
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Most of the poutine incursion in the US has been from snowbirds and food-hipsters, to my knowledge. Nowhere in that country do they know how to make gravy right, though.

Once when I went to visit friends in Portland, one of them took me to a food cart that had poutine on their menu; she ate it from time to time and liked it and was amused by the prospect of me weighing in. THAT STUFF WAS THE NASTIEST--there were onions in the gravy, which was way too thin and looked more like just pan leavings with water, and I think they used shredded cheese instead of curd, too. Even the fries were crappy. And the last place I went that tried to pass off fries with shredded white cheese as poutine was the terrible independent burger joint in the food court of the crappy mall in the small town I grew up in. ;)
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Now I want some fries. :/
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mmmmmmmmm friesssss