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The Good Old Days

One of the things I miss from my days in a megafandom is knowing that no matter what I want to know, there's a good chance that some other, more dedicated fan has already researched it, analyzed it, and written it up in detail. When I was in Stargate fandom and was struck by idle curiosity about, say, what the various characters' military ribbons meant, why, someone else had already done all the work of figuring it out! I think there might even have been a chart, with pictures.

Small fandoms, sadly, don't get that kind of attention, which is why I'm now wondering why they had Dmitri wearing a major's insignia when they were calling him a captain, with no real way of finding out. (Or was it supposed to be a junior lieutenant's insignia and he was later promoted? But it looks like a major's insignia, at least if I'm interpreting Wikipedia correctly. Ivan had a captain's insignia, so clearly they did some research and Dmitri's insignia was deliberate. But why?) (ETA: And apparently both Dmitri and Ivan were wearing Air Force patches? Despite Dmitri being described as an army captain and Ivan describing himself as an army captain. And then there are the Ministry of Justice patches. How does that all fit together?)
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On reflection, I think that I've never been in a megafandom. I've been around the edges of some! But never in. :-) It must be interesting in many ways! :-)

Good luck discovering what TPTB were up to in their costuming and storytelling there, and what might need to be done to mend it, by way of fanfiction...