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skieswideopen ([personal profile] skieswideopen) wrote2016-06-04 11:29 pm

10 Things I Love About You

Created for [ profile] gameofcards.

Gifs from ten of my favourite scenes from Madam Secretary, created with varying degrees of success.

1) 1.11 "Game On"

"We're in this together."

2) 1.17 "Face the Nation"

"Here's someone who can keep her mouth shut."

3) 1.21 "The Kill List"

"I won't be at the signing ceremony."

4) 2.01 "The Show Must Go On"

"I, Elizabeth Adams McCord, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States..."

5) 2.01 "The Show Must Go On"

"Oh, what Trans Pacific partners we will be …"

6) 2.12 "The Middle Way"

"Sergio and Alice, three doors down."

7) 2.13 "Invasive Species"

"Sometimes they're laughing, sometimes fighting, but it's always loud."

8) 2.19 "Desperate Remedies"

"You wanna go fool around on the couch?"

9) 2.23 "Vartius"

"Frost would never relocate to D.C."
"Because his mistress lives in San Diego. Yes, I know."

10) 2.23 "Vartius"

"There's a chance Dmitri might still be alive."